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SnuggEase 2-Pack

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Snarem Replacement Noose KitSnuggEase 2-Pack

SnuggEase 2-Pack - SNG2PKXXS

Price: Call for Pricing

SnuggEase Washable Dog Diaper - 2 Pack

The SnuggEase dog diaper is a high quality pet diaper, featuring the Cinch-Lock Tail Anchoring system which prevents the diaper from leaking around the dog's tail and also gently locks the diaper on the dog.  Four layers of absorbent protection will keep your pet and your floors ultra-dry! No liners are required. 

Machine washable, hang to dry (do not use bleach).   Color Available:  Navy Blue. 
Size XXS

SnuggEase Washable Dog Diapers are ideal for:

  • Incontinent Dogs – dogs can lose bladder control after they’ve been fixed or as they age. SnuggEase™ protects them while extending their life with their owners.
  • Excitable Dogs – prevents embarrassing mistakes by dogs that can’t control themselves when nervous.
  • Dogs in Heat – protects leaking from errant bleeding, as well as preventing unwanted advances from male dogs.
  • Traveling Dogs - a long journey might prevent a break for your pooch.
  • Dogs left alone – gives you peace of mind if you are late taking your friend out to do their business.
  • Male Dog Friendly – SnuggEase™ is designed to comfortably accommodate male dogs.

SnuggEase Dog Diaper Features:

  • Cinch Lock seals the tail hole to keep waste in—without sacrificing comfort
  • Velcro™ wings, elastic seams and Cinch Lock insures ‘snugg’ fit
  • Premium durable fiber retains its shape and absorption properties even after 300 washes
  • Thick cotton pad absorbs large volume of liquid waste
  • Deeper belly reservoir holds smaller loads of solid waste in an emergency
  • Prevents urine scalding by wicking away liquid from dog’s skin
  • Eight sizes to fit most breeds

Dog Diaper Sizing Chart:
SnuggEase  is sized a bit larger to accommodate male dogs.
If you are between sizes go with the smaller size.

Waist MeasurementWeight
8” - 12”
2-6 lbs
10” - 14”4-8 lbs
12" - 18"
8-15 lbs
14” - 21” 15-35 lbs
16” - 23”
35-55 lbs
18” - 26”
55-75 lbs
21” - 28”
70-90 lbs
22” - 30”
90+ lbs

SnuggEase 2-Pack

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